The End of the Password: The Future of Company Security

At Microsoft Ignite 2018, an annual conference for developers and IT professionals, heavily emphasized its system’s security improvements. In the spotlight, Microsoft focused on its movement away from a password usage system through the Authenticator app. The Microsoft Authenticator app works by utilizing an addition factor, such as a fingerprint, PIN, or facial biometric, allowing administrators to default to the Microsoft Authenticator app first, rather than asking for a password. During the conference, Microsoft indicated that passwords are a “short-term game” as most security breaches start with a compromised password. As such, Microsoft is adamant that through the Authenticator app, they will initiate the “end of an era for passwords.” Besides the Authenticator app, Microsoft also introduced the Secure Score and systems you can see in some gaming sites according to Casino Reviewer Online The Secure Score provides assessments and recommendations to reduce a company’s chance of breach as well as strengthen its defenses and help IT improve their organizations’ security position. Threat Protection serves to help protect, detect, and remediate cyber threats, speeding up investigations to eliminate threats faster. With these new systems in place, companies will not only protect themselves from looming cyber threats, but also improve their ability to respond efficiently and effectively.

For companies looking to strengthen their protection against outside cyber threats, the movement away from passwords through the Authentication app may be a significant first step.