Health Care Organizations Seek Regulatory Changes To Improve Access To Cybersecurity Tools

Cybersecurity presents thorny problems specific to healthcare organizations. Not only are their protection of personal health information strictly regulated by the HIPAA and HITECH laws, but such organizations are also more frequently the targets of cyberattacks due in part to the highly personal information collected by such organizations, and in part due to the relative lack of resources available to battle cyber-threats. One set of healthcare regulations not directly related to cybersecurity, the Stark anti-kickback law, has potentially hindered healthcare organizations in adapting to an… Continue Reading

HIPAA’s Application to Digital Media

Recent media attention to the disclosure of Personal Health Information (PHI) concerning Lamar Odom provides a reminder that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) applies broadly to digital photographs and other electronic data, whether or not the disclosure is inadvertent. Goldberg Segalla attorneys Seth L. Laver, Jessica L. Wuebker and Kenneth M. Alweis have developed three useful steps to improve privacy and security programs and policies to account for these potential HIPAA violations, which can be read here on the firm’s Professional Liability Continue Reading