GAO Report on Cybersecurity Provides Useful Strategies for Federal Agencies and Private Industry

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently published another report in its High-Risk Series detailing the major cybersecurity challenges facing the federal government and outlines key strategic elements to address those challenges. While the report focuses on issues pertaining to federal agencies, several of the observations, and recommendations are also applicable to private businesses. To start, the report details five key elements that are needed to make progress in addressing cyber threats: 1) Leadership Commitment; 2) Capacity; 3) Action Plan; 4) Monitoring; and 5) Demonstrated Progress.… Continue Reading

Two GAO Reports Detail Deficiencies and Improvements in Thwarting Cyber Crimes

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued two reports on battling cyber threats that are useful for both private and public entities. The first report, issued July 2, 2015, was entitled Cybersecurity: Bank and Other Depository Regulators Need Better Data Analytics and Depository Institutions Want More Usable Threat Information. In that report, the GAO noted that while, “[d]epository institutions obtain cyber threat information from multiple sources, including federal entities such as the Department of the Treasury (Treasury)[,] [r]epresentatives from more than 50 financial institutions… Continue Reading