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Goldberg Segalla’s Data Privacy and Security blog is an essential tool for understanding—and avoiding—newly emerging risks. Our blog offers an informative review and up-to-date analysis of developing stories and breaking news, along with practical tips, best-practice considerations, a breakdown of the latest regulatory developments, and more, all to help you manage and combat the many dangers involved. The attorney contributors to the blog are among the industry’s most respected legal minds, an experienced team that includes nationally and internationally recognized legal trailblazers in areas such as social media, records and information management, and risk management. It’s a group that understands the issues involved, and has one goal in mind: to help you face these new frontiers of risk. We will help you cut through the media hype, and zero in on what you need to know—and why.

Marc S. Voses

Partner – Manhattan
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James M. Paulino II

Partner – Rochester
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Nicholas J. Pontzer

Associate – Rochester
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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice

The Goldberg Segalla Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice Group is a multidisciplinary team of attorneys working across the country to counsel, train, and defend clients facing all conceivable cybersecurity and data-related matters. With verdict-tested trial lawyers, preeminent intellectual property litigators, and leading regulatory attorneys collaborating to provide 360-degree cyber counsel, our team helps industry-leading companies, their executives and IT professionals, and their insurers to:

  • Assess and address data security risks and cyber coverage
  • Prepare for cyberattacks and data breaches
  • Protect business interests by negotiating risk transfer and indemnity provisions in technology contracts
  • Create policies and procedures to mitigate risk and minimize liability
  • Respond quickly and comprehensively to data security incidents
  • Defend against post-breach claims and legal proceedings, as well as legal challenges to data-related business practices
  • Navigate regulatory, statutory, and contractual requirements at every level
  • Anticipate the future flashpoints that will define the fields of cybersecurity, data privacy, and intellectual property