Cyber-Attack Class Actions Are On The Rise

After a barrage of media coverage over the release of The Interview, Sony Pictures now finds itself in federal court defending against seven class action lawsuits filed less than a month after the North Korean government hacked its computer system.  Sony became aware of this “unprecedented” attack, in which it reportedly lost over 100 terabytes of data, on the morning of November 24th.  The first class action complaint, Corona v. Sony Pictures Entm’t, Inc., was filed on December 15, 2014 —… Continue Reading

Can Companies Pre-Emptively Avoid Class Action Suits from Massive Data Breaches? (A Blog Series)

There’s a constant flow of news about massive data breaches nowadays.  So much so that the question for companies with large amounts of personal data storage is no longer “if” it can happen but “when” it will happen.  In this series, we’re going to discuss one method that larger companies are using to significantly reduce the risk exposure to massive data breaches: click-wrap terms of use that require users to waive participation in class actions and instead only pursue claims by way of arbitration or… Continue Reading

Lawsuits Follow College’s Untimely Notifications – Can’t Blame the Dog…

Last year, the Maricopa County Community College District suffered a data breach in April, but waited until November before advising former students and employees that their academic and/or personal data may have been compromised.  Approximately 2.4 million people were impacted by this breach, or roughly the population of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Among the data that may have been breached were social security numbers, dates of birth, and bank account numbers. Recently, a current student of Phoenix College sued the College District in Maricopa County Court, making… Continue Reading