Amazon’s Facial Recognition Software Sparks Privacy Concerns

The recent television series Person of Interest, which aired between 2011 and 2016, was premised upon an artificial intelligence (AI) program that could recognize patterns to determine individuals who may become victims of violent crimes. Facial recognition was one of the machine’s abilities, allowing the show’s protagonists to locate and track individuals in and throughout New York City.  The AI in Person of Interest is no longer the stuff of television or of the future. Lawmakers and civil rights groups have expressed their concern… Continue Reading

Targeting Public Services: How Municipalities and Gas Pipelines are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

While the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal has captured the public’s attention, two significant attacks on the City of Atlanta and natural-gas pipeline operators illustrate risk to fundamental human services, including law enforcement and consumer energy. On March, 22 2018, the City of Atlanta reported a ransomware cyberattack on government network servers, including servers hosting data for the Atlanta Police Department, preventing government employees from accessing information necessary to perform their duties. In particular, the police department was effectively handcuffed, and unable to access evidence… Continue Reading