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Department of Health and Human Services Releases Cybersecurity Guide for Healthcare Providers

Over a year of collaboration between the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and industry partners has culminated in the publication of a cybersecurity guide for medical providers of all sizes. HHS describes it as “a set of voluntary, consensus-based principles and practices to improve cybersecurity in the health sector,” that looks to “raise the cybersecurity floor” across the country. Although the guide emphasizes its wide applicability, much of the discussion appears directed at small and mid-sized providers. For example, HHS highlights a recent…  

Pennsylvania Federal Court Dismisses Law Firm’s Case Against Bank in Social Engineering Cyber Attack

The unfortunately reality of cyber theft is that it’s much like any other type of theft – even if the criminal is caught, it’s unlikely that the ill-gotten gains will ever be fully recovered. There are simply too many ways to hide their destination or make them disappear. This often means the victim will seek other avenues for recouping losses, including filing a civil action against entities or individuals who allegedly could have helped prevent the theft. In the case of O’Neill, Bragg & Staffin,  

SEC’s First Cybersecurity Enforcement Has Many Lessons

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced its first ever cyber-related enforcement action in a case that all companies should look at as a refresher on cybersecurity hygiene. In the Matter of Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. was brought against the publicly traded company that manages over $500 billion after a security breach through several of its brokers acting as independent contractors for the company. These brokers typically accessed Voya clients’ PII through a password protected web portal while using their own IT equipment and networks.…