“Anatomy of a Data Breach”

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Blog contributor James M. Paulino II recently co-authored an article in DRI’s For the Defense. The article, “Anatomy of a Data Breach,” takes a look at fundamental concepts on both the technical and legal sides of the issue of cybersecurity to help companies and their counsel face the growing threat of data breaches head-on.

“As the stage is set for the first major debate over federal legislation, two basic issues emerge for attorneys and clients alike. First and foremost, what exactly is a data breach? Second, what is the current legal framework through which we litigate in the aftermath of a cyberattack?”

The comprehensive article also explores various classifications of data breaches and the types of evidence left behind, steps to be prepared to respond quickly in the event of a breach, the current patchwork of applicable state and federal laws, case studies of recent high-profile breaches, and what lies ahead.